Remote doesn't mean alone

LockDev Ltd.



I'm Mike, a developer working as a manager, focused on delivering value

Throughout my career as a web technologists so many things have changed. There are new devices, software, and expectations that drive innovation.

Even with all the change there are constants. Thoughtful, thorough, and empathetic analysis of issues still solves problems.

With LockDev Ltd. you get an experienced practitioner of front-end code balanced with an analytical approach to problem-solving and practiced project management skills.

Solution engagements come in varying scope and length but never compromise on quality. The end result is value.



A limited overview of current skills and past experience

Knowledge, skills, hobbies

  • Process: Agile | Waterfall | Human Centered Design
  • Methods: Kanban | Scrum | Design Sprints | User Studies | Focus Groups
  • Front: React | HTML | CSS | JS | AngularJS | WordPress
  • Back: Rails | .Net | Node
  • Ops: Docker | Docker-Compose | Swarm
  • Extracurriculars: Refresh Denver | Coder Dojo Denver | Hackathons


LockDev Ltd.

Owner since 2012

Consult, build, and implement solutions for varied small and medium businesses.

Flourish Systems

Front End Architect from 2016 until 2020

Develop and enhance secure web interface for industrial irrigation management system.

Craft Boom

Co-founded in 2012 and developer until 2014

Built and maintained web, iOS, and Android end-user applications for discovering craft consumables.


Founded in 2012 and evangelist until 2014

Crowdsourced cyclist usage data to deliver better bike routes for the casual but interested.



Engineering Manager

Enhance team health and deliver cross-domain solutions for remote software development team.

Team Lead

Manage feature delivery and technical outcomes for the partner team.

Senior Front End Engineer

Build partner web apps to create and manage care requests integrated with electronic health records.

Front End Developer @ Consensys

Remote 2019 until 2020

Launch open-source design system, research and advocate for user experience best practices.

Influence Technologies

Technical Business Analyst

Continuously align business outcomes with technical capabilities to deliver products.

Senior Web Developer

Deliver web apps for Fortune 200 companies with 1+ million annual visits.

Developer @ Big Container Media

In Denver from 2011 until 2012

Design, deliver, and maintain digital marketing packages for clients.